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Dear Fleet Management System Administrator,

Long term partners, Fleet Forum and Kjaer Group, both organizations with special focus on vehicle fleets and transport solutions have agreed to transfer the Kjaer Group Fleet Management System from Kjaer Group to Fleet Forum.

The initiative has been taken as Kjaer Group and Fleet Forum have a mutual interest in making available effective fleet management tools to fleet users and the objectives are to strengthen the use and enhance further developments of the Kjaer Group Fleet Management System.

Fleet Forum is an association supporting aid & development organisations in improving their fleet management. The majority of aid & development organisations with fleets are actively engaged in all its activities. Fleet Forum is perfectly placed within the sphere of organizations that recognize that effective fleet operations are mission critical and the Kjaer Group Fleet Management System will become an integral part of the already existing fleet tools available to Fleet Forum members.

For current users the Kjaer Group Fleet Management System will remain available for use up to the end of September 2016. From September 2016 the fleet management tool will be available to Fleet Forum members only.

The formal transfer of the Fleet Management System is expected to start in April 2016 and be completed at the end of April. The new web link to the system will be: fleetcontrol.fleetforum.org. Current users of the fleet management system will not feel a difference when navigating and operating the system during the actual transfer and the Fleet management tool will be available for their use up to the end of September 2016.

We hope that the initiative will receive your support.

Should you have a need for additional information or have questions, suggestions or concerns please do not hesitate to contact Kjaer Group or Fleet Forum. Contact persons are:

Fleet Forum
c/o Perreard de Boccard SA
29, Rue de la Coulouvrenière
1204 Geneva
Website: fleetforum.org
Contact person: Paul Jansen
Telephone: +31 6211 70 717
Kjaer Group
Kjaer & Kjaer
Groennemosevej 6
5700 Svendborg
Website: www.kjaer.com
Contact person: Bo Linnebjerg
Telephone: +45 62 199 182

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